Our Vision


LOST VALLEY PIZZA as a brewpub concept is a product of many nights of brainstorming how we could reinvent ourselves in a post-pandemic world.

When touring the site of our future Providence location on Sims Ave., we could not help but notice the giant chimney that used to fire the kilns that lived in the blacksmithing studio at 50 Sims Ave. during the early 1900’s.

With the intention of preserving this behemoth, we decided to honor it with a giant pizza oven.

We set out on a path to become #crustworthy.

Armed with blind bravery and a lot of curiosity, we set forth to transform the chimney into a reimagined thing of beauty. After months of research, experiments and construction, we completed the oven. (Special shout-out to the Godfathers of Providence Pizza for the invaluable advice and wisdom.)

Choosing organic local ingredients whenever possible, sourcing the finest cheeses man has ever melted, and using that coveted “00”, is the difference-maker for our pizza.

Partnerships have been crucial to us since day one.

We have been working with local business such as Barrett’s Garden and RI Cruisin’ Cocktails from the start. We’re also excited to work with the network of farmers at FARM FRESH next door, and the folks at GOTHAM GREENS right around the corner.

Back Home in Providence

Revival Brewing Company, our parent company, has been making beer since 2011 when it got its start in Providence at Trinity Brewhouse. Our commitment to the food & beverage community and its evolution is reflective of the culinary community that we have grown up and flourished in. Making food and beer from scratch is simply what we love to do.

Revival remembers what Providence has done for it, and now it’s time to give back. We can’t wait to grow the space into your next favorite Rhode Island destination for one-of-a-kind foods and craft beverages.